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A superior method of preparing chicken for consumption. Commonly associated with bad health.
Girl: "I don't eat fried chicken, it makes me greasy and icky feeling and it's bad for my heart!!!"

Me: "Because of your overactive hormones you are naturally greasy as fuck. Fried chicken doesn't contribute to this, you just don't know how to eat food properly. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading to my grandmother's house for some home made fried chicken."
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
A kick ass sauce from Thailand. Sun dried chilis, sugar, salt and vinegar. Sweet with kick. Goes good on everything.
Sriracha is really popular in California and Texas.
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
The ultimate beverage.
I consumed two gallons of chocolate milk today.
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
A mass produced piece of fifteen dollar Communist footwear. Popular among Chinese martial artists. Enjoyed a rise in popularity thanks to European teenagers. Was once priced around three-to-ten dollars.
"Feiyue. Flying Forward"
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
The act of remaining seated while a nearby phone rings.
I was sitting on my ass at the computer when the phone began to ring, and I decided I was to lazy and interested to get up and answer it. To make matters more annoying; the person called back twice, and hung up at the answering machine so that a dial tone echoed throughout my house for three seconds.

"Phone sitting is hilarious."
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
A delicious microwavable cuisine. Usually white rice, chicken and sauce. 36,000 milligrams of sodium per serving, well over thirty times the recommended daily allowance. This can be avoided by simply using 1/6th of the sauce packet, or none at all.

Intended to serve numerous people, I consume an entire Hibachi House Microwavable Meal every day.

by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
The divine and heroic act of gathering a group of able bodied males to launch a pre-meditated beating on an individual.
Someone turned a friend and I in for burglary so we took turns smashing his head in with thirty pound sledgehammers while he was handcuffed to his own steering wheel. JUMPED!
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
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