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The most dominant team in the Eastern Conference of the NHL since 1995. They own the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. Winners of three Stanley Cups from 1995-2003. They used the neutral zone trap and the skill of their goaltender Martin Brodeur at playing the puck outside the crease to dominate their division and conference for more than a decade. Gary Bettman, a man seemingly intent on destroying hockey, invented the new "Brokeback NHL" in response to the Devils frustrating defensive system that stressed low scoring, defense and winning games and cups instead of the Mark Messier inspired "overpaid whining pussy, no-contact-or-I'll-cry, take-it-in-the-butt" style and attitude that seemed to summarize their cross-river rivals, the NY Rangers and their legion of snivelling, whining, douchebag fans. The Rangers fans are quick to point out the Devils' relative lack of fans, but as an original 6 team in North America's largest city, that just seems like more petty bullshit from a group of people who, despite the fact that they are New York and the salary cap just came into being, have enjoyed exactly 1 Stanley Cup championship since the start of World War II. 3 Cups since 1995 for a team that moved to the suburbs in 1982, or 1 since before Pearl Harbor for New York City, you do the math . . .
Who owns the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers? The New Jersey Devils.

Who effectively ended the NHL career of Eric Lindros? Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils on his way to yet another Stanley Cup (fortunately the Rangers then acquired Mr. too-many-headaches Pussy).

The New Jersey Devils were unbeaten against the New York Rangers for 20 games.

Who swept the NY Rangers in the 2006 playoffs? The New Jersey Devils.

Maybe Mike Richter and Brian Leetch would like to look at the 3 Stanley Cup rings owned by Martin Brodeur and Scott Stevens of the New Jersey Devils.

The idea of having to play the New Jersey Devils used to drive Theo Fleury to drink.
by Ken Daneyko March 07, 2007

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