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Dubstep is a bastardization of Drum and Bass, House, Electro and other genres of Electronic Dance Music into something that sounds like one of a few things at any given time that are not limited to but include; a chainsaw fucking a toaster, the sound of defecation whilst on Acid, broken speakers.

The last of these has led many an unwary listener to question a DJ's knowledge of his EQ and sound levels only to later find out that it was not any hardware failure that caused the angry sound of dubstep to assault their ears -a sound that has often been described by many true followers of PLUR as being "violent" "hateful" and "vibe crushing".

Dubstep is often described as being "filthy" "grimy" and "dirty" by its fans, which is ironic as they also describe themselves with the exact same words. Much like the bros that dubstep has excreted into the modern rave scene; dubstep should be divorced from raves as it does nothing to further the scene and is only destroying it like a cancer.

Dubstep should not be played at any event, ever.
Person A "Hey, did you hear the new Skrillex track?"

Person B "You mean the one that goes "wubwubwubwub wump wump wump wubwubwubwub?"

Person A "Yeah! That's the one!"

Person B "No."

Person A "Then how did you know what the track sounded like?"

Person B "I didn't, it's dubstep so I just guessed and made shit noises."
by Kemikal-Rabbit December 06, 2011

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