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One who drinks and/or eats their food at a more rapid than normal speed
Stephanie is a quicksip because she ate her bagel melt AND drank her Manhattan Irish cream iced coffee faster than Kelsey could even get half way through her regular iced coffee
by Kelsezzy October 02, 2006
In order to recall something specific, one needs detailed context in order to recall that specific memory. Such a mind cannot easily recall the specific instance, but need a series of memory triggers in order to arrive at the said memory.
For example: when trying to remember a specific line from a movie, the person needs to be reminded first the overarching plot of the movie, then the what part of the movie the scene took place, then a summary of the scene (including the significance of the line). All of this must take place as a "trigger" for the person to be able to recall said movie line.

Sentence example:
Kelsey: "...has anyone seen my list by the way? It's a piece of paper with the name Ross written in big letters..."
Steph: What is that from?
Kelsey: Friends, don't you remember?
Steph: Wait what happened in the episode? (Kelsey explains) OH, ya! I remember now... I'm a triggermind, I need context before I can remember funny lines from Friends.
by Kelsezzy October 03, 2006
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