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How every real bitch should keep their nigga/man/dude/boyfriend's'

Making sure nothing is going down that shouldnt be, you can smoke with dudes and other niggas but he cant with females or his dudes and niggas with out you.

Being the man in the relatioship while he is the women.
Dude-"Hey baby"

Female-"what you want?"

Dude-"Oh I'm sorry baby!"

Female-"Pussy shut up get off my mother fuckin line like that shit!"

Dude-"Baby whhhh...y?"

Female-"Nigga im busy get of my phone line!"

Dude-"Baby I just wanted to ask you about your day."

Female-"Dammmn nigga you annoying."

*female pushes buttons in dude face and than hangs up the phone...*

*Dudes friend heard conversation all the way in another states and calls dude just to tell him hes a whipped flaw nigga*

by KellKellGotYouWhipped October 05, 2008

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