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What Hawaiians say everytime they are reminded that their Nation was illegally overthrown by a country who had many treaties of friendship, trade, travel and commerce, and who formally recognized it's independence as a Sovereign Nation among the family of nations, yet continued to annex Hawaii while not even remotely concerned about the people, land and the culture they would destroy, just to have a military presence in the Pacific. Do a search for the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii if you don't believe me.
Another Sacred burial site destroyed due to military expansion. "Fuck america!"

Another Hawaiian family evicted, forced to live on the beach. "Fuck america!"

Selling land that doesn't belong to you. "Fuck america!"

When the americans first took over, they banned our own language in schools and used to physically discipline Hawaiians for speaking their own language. "Fuck america!"

Need I say more?
by Keliiaumoana June 21, 2007

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