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2 definitions by Keishan R

When a man, who is in heat or horny will grow a hornboner in his approprate area, and will be unable to prevent his body from charging in. this usually occurs when the subject in question has not had relations with a woman in quite some time.
*man standing by bar, woman leans over bar, and her cleavage is in his direct field of vision, he gets the urge or horned to put the moves on her and any other woman he can until his urge is satisfied*
by Keishan R May 15, 2008
1.A fat chick that could be hot if she was thinner.
2.a chick thats very tall
-"you know that would look nice on you"
-"I Dont got the kinda money to fix that chickzilla up"
by Keishan R May 12, 2008