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Titer: Noun /tea-ter/
Origin: DC
Synonyms: Shone, Homa, twatswater
Definition of Titer…………………………….
1.An individual with no sense of boundaries; tasteless with no self respect or dignity

2.Usually term is used to describe an insecure female, whose seeks confidence by shoning

-tit-er-ing adjective

-tit-er-ness Noun

-tit-er-ly adverb
Titers are hard to spot, they easily assimilate to their environment, equivalent to a chameleon they adapt to their surrounding making it hard to identify them. Individuals should keep their significant others away from teeters, as they will stop at nothing to steal them away.

-A titers action are expedient actions guided primarily by low self confidence and little self respect

•Don’t be a titer, not a good look
•Look at her titering over there
•That’s some titerness behavior
•That’s a titerly move

How to Spot a Titer……………………………..
1.When a female refers to Male friends as BFF
- Often confused with the general term “best friend forever” however when used by Titers it’s an encrypted code meaning Brother for fornication.

2.When a female surrounds her self with more then 1 guy friends and neither one is her Boyfriend rather someone elses
by Keeping it Reall 101 October 10, 2011

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