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In addition to the highest voted definitions here, it's also a tool used against whites to gain something, (which could be just about anything, by non-whites, and often even many liberal whites).

It's also often meshed into the meaning of "pulling the you're a racist card", intended to publicly, or even privately shame a white person of group of white people into politically correct submission, because everyone knows what happens in America when white people are considered racist.

It will go on until the end of time itself no matter the fact that black people already have thousands of millionaires (athletes, actors, musicians) who make countless more money than whites, a black president and first lady, black political leaders, the NAACP to help them advance whereas white people don't have special organizations to specifically help their colored race, Black specific television channels (BET and MTV) and magazines (Ebony Jet, etc.), a thriving interracial porn niche, countless white women having black babies, special help for getting into colleges, and the list goes on and on.
Deondre Jackson: "y0 nigga, long azz i keep callin whitey a racist and play on dey white guilt I can stay on da welfare and have 15 white baby momma, while I pimp around in my new kicks throwin dubs. EAST SIDE nigguh!"
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
The current "MTV", which stands supposedly for "Music Television" but plays very very little music, is essentially where the propagandists and far left wingers start their agenda campaigns to brainwash America's youth (and increasingly spilling into the brainwashing of 20's, 30's and even 40 year olds).

Watching history via a timeline, when MTV played and promoted mostly 80's Pop and New Wave, everyone walked around with similar attitudes and clothing/hair styles. When MTV decided to play mostly Heavy Metal, most of the kids grew their hair long, dressed like Skid Row and Mötley Crüe. When MTV decided to promote depression metal (aka alternative/grunge) like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, everyone took on the same mentality and attire. Currently, it appears the MTV has been bought out by the biggest racist of all, Spike Lee, because MTV now has become a 99.9% black channel, and thusly millions of brainwashed white girls are in relationships (aka "fucking" and being dropped like a nigga dropping a stolen car stereo while being chased by the po po) and having millions of unwanted mixed race babies.

In summation: Whatever MTV chooses to promote, America becomes, like a bunch of mindless zombies.
Ashley says to her white girlfriend: "tee hee hee, turn on MTV *in whiny voice drawing out the letter V*, I wanna see the new Lil Wayne video where his teeth are all covered in gold and diamonds and his twiggy bony ass is shirtless and his pants are hanging down to his kneessss, he's sooo sexyyy, I just wanna fuck him so bad!!! ermagerd!"

"Errrmahhgerddd Britneeeee, have you heard that new song on MTVVV? i LOVE the autotune and repetitive mind numbing beat loops, and shitty singing by Rhianna in it! Jay Z is sooo fucking HOT my panties get sooo wet!"
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
Basically any white woman these days with a black/hispanic boyfriend because MTV and the politically correct left-wing America says that's what's cool.

Usually results in single motherhood.
Ashley LOVED Usher's music so she went out and grabbed any ol black loser boyfriend to show off to everyone how 'open minded' she is. Now she's 9 months pregnant and the baby daddy is in jail for mugging people with a Glock and had packets of crack in his possession. Doesn't matter though, she already hadn't seen him for the last 8 months after he found out she was pregnant. He bailed on her and got aonther 4 white girls pregnant instead. (And bounced on them too).
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012
A term that in reality means "Black male, white female", since 99.9999% of "interracial relationships" are of this makeup.

Blame MTV for it's brainwashing of American youths, especially the particularly vulnerable and impressionable white females in America.

White females appear to be the most gullible and therefore willing to be in interracial relationships. You see relatively few white men/black women relationships. Black women usually choose their own race, as do most hispanic women. IN fact, white women are SO accepting of banging ANYTHING you'll even see them being the most common color to engage in bestiality. They appear to not care at all of what enters their vagina.

The common misconception (and argument) is that skin color is the ONLY difference. However, as can be seen with diseases/illnesses that affect only certain races, such as black people, or are especially common in black people (or Mexican, etc.), genetically there are very major differences as well. This however is usually not mentioned and instead White Guilt and being politically correct is used to help further promote interracial 'dating' (again, meaning Black guys, white girls).
Google 'Interracial porn' in Google Images and tell me what color male/female combination you see the most of.
by KeepinItRealYo September 24, 2012

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