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greenwich is simply the most boring and usesless yet richest town there is. If there were one word to describe this palce it would be poser. The favored lables here are either wanna be ghetto or extremely preppy. Of course there are some ghetto areas such as the projects or wilber peck, but even the people who live here arent exactly poor. Most people entertain themselves by smoking pot or by drinking and playing bay route at various parties. The style for girls is popped collared shirts in bright, colors short skirts, and either moccasins, ugg's, or snadles. The guys tend to wear collared shirts, jeans, nantuket red pants, or the new fab, plad shorts. Even the "ghetto" kids wear pink collared shirts just because they think its cool. Greenwich basically a place filled with badass teenagers.
Mike nosak and/or chris evans
by Keepin itreal May 25, 2005

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