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A small resistance force made up of many aliens whose planets have been taken over by the Irken Empire. Their leader is a Vortian named Lard Nar, whose planet was once an allies of the Irkens and is now enslaved by them. The Resisty rocks, even though their name's a little...funny?
Lard Nar: "We are the Resisty! We have come to-"
Tallest Purple: "Whoowhoowhoowhoowhoo! Did you say 'The Resisty'?"
Lard Nar: "Yes, yes, the Resisty! Anyhow, we have come-"
Tallest Purple: "That's a stupid name."
by Keeper of Memory Pepperochu July 30, 2004
To stand and sit at the same time!
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
by Keeper of Memory Pepperochu December 18, 2004
To confuse someone. To bewilder them. Stupefy them.

Past Tense: Befunkled
Police were BEFUNKLED when they discovered that the giant magnifying glass had been stolen, but soon figured out what was going on when people started spontaneously combusting.
by Keeper of Memory Pepperochu July 06, 2004
Same meaning as words such as 'Arse-hole', 'Jackass', and others. First used in a fanfiction by Keeper of Memory Pepperochu (Me) as an insult from a biker towards the villain, Tonnbey the Tonberry.
Biker: "Hey, butt-notch!"
Tonnbey: "Butt-notch? What the hell kind of name is 'butt-notch'?!"
Some Guy: "Your brother is a jackass."
Some Other Guy: "Yeah, he's a real butt-notch."
by Keeper of Memory Pepperochu July 30, 2004
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