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The law states that as quantitative, legitimate material in an essay goes up, the language must equally and oppositely come down.
19:43 hailvictors17: so if i'm writing a 15 page paper about the merits of peanut butter and jelly
19:44 hailvictors17: i'm writing like billy fuckin faulkner
19:44 hailvictors17: but if i'm writing about
19:44 hailvictors17: that
19:44 hailvictors17: the inverse bullshit law says that
19:44 hailvictors17: I will sound like a complete and total idiot, and my teacher will still give me an F, no matter how good my writing because of the level of complete bullshit
#idiot #school #essay #bull #shit #law
by Keemofam July 10, 2008
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