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That which is emitted from the penile eye after days of semen conservation. The actual splooge is much more dense and plentiful when the orgasm is of the bulk variety, often seeping back out of the exhausted meat wallet when the woman stands upright.
*Cough cough*
slapper- "Dang, I almost choked to death on your bulk orgasm. I feel like i just ate an upsized double big mac meal"

stud- "I've been in a body cast for six weeks, theres more where that came from"
by KeeferCarlos February 06, 2007
A male or female who consistently has trouble taking off, putting on or generally operating pants of any kind when severely inebriated. A pierod is often found rolling around on the floor locked in a vicious struggle with zippers, button flies or drawstrings.
"dave if you dont fuck off being a Pierod I'm gonna come over and give you a hot Carl".

"I was dying to knob that slapper last night but she was being a fucking pierod and I got sick of waiting, jizzed in her hair and passed out".
by KeeferCarlos February 06, 2007

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