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Slang term for female masturbation.
"Katie moans real loud when she plunges her happy hole for me on the phone so i can have more fun whackin' it"
by Kaz Moses June 03, 2004
Side project of the band Rancid. Includes Lars from Rancid and other band members that no one cares about. In my opinion they are way better than Rancid and have a more agressive punk style."Subterranean", "Skunx", "To Have and To Have Not" and "Anti-Social" are their better songs.
Brent: "Rancid kicks ass dude!"
Kaz Moses: "if you like rancid you have to listen to Lars Frederickson and the Bastards... theyre way better"
by Kaz Moses June 03, 2004
To punch a girl in the kidneeys while having anal sex with her. this often makes her bleed out of her mouth. The Frogger is often used in fucked up gothic/S&M porno.
"I was Bangin' this girl last night and i gave her The Frogger. She charged me with sexual assault and now my friends call me Kobe :("
by Kaz Moses May 24, 2004
The name for cum on a girls face.The white man lotion on her looks like spilt milk.
"This chick was givin me a blow job and it looked like spilt milk when i came on her face"
by Kaz Moses May 26, 2004
a person who eats only turkey sandwiches, steamed clam and fish tacos. when this person isnt eating she is cooking. by cooking i mean tossing salad
the vagitarian is eating a turkey sandwich everytime i see her.
by Kaz Moses March 31, 2004
Used to describe s straight man who does something considered to be gay or feminine. In the movies Jay might use this word to Describe Silent Bob.
man 1: I had to wash the dishes today after work.
man 2: Isn't that supposed to be your wifes job, fruit juice?
man 1: *bumps into man 2*
man 2: watch it, fruit juice!
by Kaz Moses April 01, 2004
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