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Someone who lives off or gets high off Life and/or adrenaline. One can get this from sports, music, dreams ect.
I am an Adrenaline Junkie for Life.
by Kaylee Buttons October 10, 2007
Someone who frequently gets high on Life, loves and follows his or her dreams, follows his or her heart, and lives Life to the max.
Kales is an adrenaline junkie for life.
by Kaylee Buttons October 08, 2007
Something to use when one is at loss for words or one is having a difficult time expressing his or her feelings, mixed up, depressed, and/or tired and worn out.
He was feeling blarg.
by Kaylee Buttons October 08, 2007
Kick-ass, beating up someone, winning something, damage. Used for video games or extreme sports.
Aaron poned Halo 3 in a matter of hours.
I could easily pone someone while snowboarding.
by Kaylee Buttons October 10, 2007
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