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A term mostly used by Redneck southerners and ignorent people...its a shame really
bob:Geet yet?
billy:Naw jew
Bob:Naw yauntoo
Billy: AAH-ITE
by KAY May 05, 2005
SB- Santa Barbara, a rich beach town in California, 2 hours north of LA. Hot, surfer guys and girls hang out at the beach everyday wearing little, the likes of Oprah, Brad and Jen live there. Things to do in SB: party at UCSB and IV (Isla Vista) (CA known party spot), shop, surf, shop, got to the beach, and shop. Unless you have a gorgeous body and blonde hair you will be deemed an outsider!
Let's go party in SB!
Damn that girl is HOT, she must be from SB!
Shit she's a bitch, she must be from SB
by Kay February 28, 2005
A word used to express happiness, not coke you basketcases.
"Yay! I just adopted a hobo!"
by Kay January 16, 2004
a whore or slut
damn she a booger
by kay May 06, 2004
When you get voted off a TV gameshow and to walk someplace with everyone looking at you. They usually play dramatic music during this. Good examples of walks of shame are on The Weakest Link.
Anne Robinson: You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
Bob: SCREW YOU ALL! *roundhouse kicks contestants who voted him out in the face*
by Kay March 20, 2004
any indie rock or a band that could be labelled as punk and/or rock, alternative, etc. that has lyrics pertaining to sadness/death/dating/love/sweaters that hails from a dairy producing state

see emo
there is a new emoo band from Illinois, they sound just like dashboard
by kay February 19, 2004
Jumping up and down hectically like you don't have a care in the world.
Usually found in action at moshpits.
by Kay July 11, 2003

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