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'Alexandrina' otherwise known as 'Alexandra' or 'Alehandra' meaning vicious, feisty, loud . Amazing at acting, kind to all her friends, but if you get on the wrong side of her, its going to end with a BANG.

& take her silence as a warning that something is about to happen. In rare circumstances she is shy, angry, defiant, & unwilling to talk to people. This is when you know, that something seriously wrong has happened. Her caring side may take long to come out, but shes sure to be right behind you, or even in front, whenever things go wrong. Shes the sort of friend you never want to lose. But the sort of enemy, that'll make you wish you were never born.

Very greedy with food and money.
'Arrr man, that was so Alexandrina of you'

'Keep going this way & you'll make a great Alexandra'
by KatyBabiiee February 08, 2012

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