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Myspace display of affection. When one flaunts their lover all over their myspace. The word usually denotes clinginess (as does PDA). Signs that you have too much MDA:
1.) Your headline has their name and/or date.
2.) You have one or more pictures of just them, from his/her myspace, not taken with/by you.
3.) You say something universal and cliche like "I love him so much, he's my world, he's always there for me, I can't live without him.
4.) You have more pictures of you too than pictures of just you or you with other friends.
Me: Holy crap, they've only been dating for 3 hours and Brad's number 1 on Sam's top 8, even before Sam's sister Beth!
Random bystander: Definitely a case of MDA.
by Katieemcee November 22, 2007

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