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2 definitions by KatieeisKinky

a full on, sexy ass MUFFIN TOP
(Bob walks by)

Erin: Wassup MT?!?!
Katie: Talk about a muffin top...
by KatieeisKinky January 14, 2010
15 35
a dinosaur with Walmart-jean-covered legs.
"Attention Southern California, breaking news. A Tyrannosaurus Rex has terrorized a shopping center. Details are coming in that at a Yorba Linda Walmart, a dinosaur came rushing in and stomped all over fucking everyone. The dinosaur, identifyied as Kaley, has released a statement in her defense claiming she has done nothing wrong and was just shopping as part of the 2 for $20 jean sale."
by KatieeisKinky December 12, 2009
51 109