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2 definitions by Katieboo7

A person who is secretly gay that won't come out of the closet and constantly puts their hair in a spike like mohawk hair style
Stephanie:Hey you see Tom?

Katlyn:Oh yea couldn't miss him with his fag hawk
by Katieboo7 January 28, 2009
Someone who goes all out in various ways. Breaking it down on the dance floor, very sexual, and finds something dirty to almost anything someone says. This person is always least expected to be one and its very rare to find.
Duece: Hey you see me and katlyn breaking it down on the dance floor it was like we was sexing.

Kinson: DAAMNN BRA She's Freaky Deaky Tastic!!

Duece: Thats fo sho
by Katieboo7 April 11, 2009