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The most ferocious dinosaur is the one that outlasted all others by being the strongest, most resourceful and by having the ability to adapt to its environment. Being called a "ferocious dyno" means that you work hard, can find a way to make things happen, AND thrive on change. This is not an easy designation to achieve!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katie: "She really worked hard to get to the next level, she trains 5 days a week for four hours each day!"
Alexis: "I know, she is totally a ferocious dyno!!!!!!!!!!!"
by KatieGymnast August 14, 2010
Something so incredibly great that it cannot be described by either awesome or amazing on their own (awesome + amazing = awemazin').
Me and my girls think that Channing Tatum's abs are awemazin'!!
by KatieGymnast August 14, 2010
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