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A man who either acts or looks like a girl.
"Hehe that looks so cute!" said Bob.
"Stop being a girly man, dude." said Bill.
by Katie Maur January 05, 2006
That rodeo chicken in the Burger King commercial. The song in this commercial goes somewhat like this:

"Big, bucking chicken.
You are big,
You are...chicken.
Oooo, bucking chicken..."

It's really odd. But the song has a catchy tune.
Joe, "Did you see the bucking chicken on the BK commercial the other day?"
Bob, "YES it rocked."
by Katie Maur April 02, 2006
A man who acts feminine.
Bob said, "CUTIE PANTS!" and was called a femimale by Bill, because of his girlish act.
by Katie Maur January 07, 2006

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