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2 definitions by Kathi

A New-rave band from New Cross, England. Described as "acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk". Known songs include Gravitys Rainbow, Atlantis to Interzone, The Boucer and Not Over Yet.
They can be seen wearing DIY clothes, holding glowsticks and making girls faint.
Members are Jamie Reynolds,James Righton ,Simon Taylor (aka Captain strobe) and Steffan Halperin.

"Myths of the near future" is due out in 2007.

Neu-waver: Klaxons are so MDMAzing!
by Kathi October 08, 2006
Derives from Neu-rave group Klaxons, meaning ecstatic or literaly amazed, on MDMA.
"Did you see the Klaxons last week? It was fucking MDMAzing"
by Kathi October 08, 2006