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verb, transitive: to discard someone and move on to the next person; often used in cyber-dating but also used in meatspace
Darlin', after what you did to me, I've got half a mind to next you, but I'll give you one more chance.

He's really hot, but he treats me like so much shit, you think I oughta next his ass?

Dude, I saw your girlfriend out with someone else; looks like she nexted you.
by KathMac June 09, 2007
Although he first became famous for his recording of calypso hit The Banana Boat Song (“Day-O”), Harry Belafonte has for many years been a humanitarian activist, involved with such organizations as the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Peace Corps. His outspoken criticism of the U.S. involvement in the affairs of other countries has stirred up controversy more than once, but he continues to stand up for what he believes in and to exercise his right of free speech.
I thought Harry Belafonte was just a singer until I found out how hard he has worked for so long to help improve the lives of those less fortunate, without regard for his own personal comfort or safety.
by KathMac December 15, 2006

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