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(n) The hooch douche is a home-made douching kit created by and for any slut of a woman. The hooch douche is most frequently created and used by rig bitches after the rig-pigs have pulled their wagon train through. In order to be an official hooch douche, the kit must contain at least 3 heavy duty cleaning agents such as vinegar, spray-nine, varsol, gasoline, bleach etc. to kill off any and all fungi, bacteria and warts. The Hooch Douche is often used in conjuction with the slut rag and can be used in both vaginal and anal orifices.
Damn, that rig bitch needs to whip herself up a hooch douche, I heard she got DVDA'd last night
by KateAk44 May 10, 2007
( n): A woman, usually good looking and working as a medic in the oil patch. These women work for long periods of time and are surrounded by the same crew of rig pigs. After so long, a Rig Bitch becomes overwhelmed with hormones and will allow several of the formentioned rig-pigs, often with small 2.5 inch cocks, to perform carnal acts on her every orifice. Sometimes up to 3-4 rig-pigs will participate in the coitus at one time
That Rig Bitch is awesome! She let me give her the New Jersey Meat Hook and then 4 of us ran a train on her!
by KateAk44 May 09, 2007

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