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Something many whites today are afraid to express because of this bullshit thing called political correctness. Commonfuckingsense is a goddamn hypocrite. He's saying it's okay for any other race to generalize their "pride" but it's not okay for whites. That's like saying it's okay for blacks to commit murder but no one else. No, I'm not racist I'm just fed up with all of this bullshit you whiney ass bitches are trying to peddle!
Fuckers, let me show my goddamn white pride!
by KatFoo August 14, 2005
Ultimate squid bike. Bought by people who think they'll look cool going down the road and leave 2.5" of chickenstrips on each side of the tires because they're too stupid to know how to lean over in a corner (or they're afraid of scratching up their knees since they're riding in shorts). Claimed to be "the best" by pretentious assholes who have no idea what handling really is. Normally people like this go through 3 or 4 back tires while the front still has about 5000 more miles to go. Ditch that supersquid shit and get something good, like an MV Agusta, Ducati, Aprilia, or Triumph Daytona.
Faggot squids ride Gixxers. They think they got more skills than I do cus they can wheelie in a straight line. But even with the squared off tires that I'm getting rid of for Z6's in a week I can show those fuckers who's boss on my 750 Kat.
by KatFoo July 24, 2005

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