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A person who turns every conversation into a discussion about how bad their life is.

Someone who always likes to rain all over your parade with their sad looks and sad stories.
Christy: OMG I have the best news! Marie Claire is picking up my article!

Kat: That's great news Christy!! You so deserve this!

Sandy: Wow Christy that is alot of stress to write for such a high profile magazine. I wouldn't want to do that. I just had this operation and I feel like I can barely do anything let alone have a stressful career. Did I tell you guys that I am allergic to the painkillers the doctor put me on and now I think I have this terrible infection, oh yeah and my dog died...blah blah blah blah

(Sandy excuses herself to spread more bad news elsewhere)

Christy: God Sandy is such a sadcloud.

Kat: I know I feel like I should go slit my wrists after that conversation.
by KatChristy March 25, 2011

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