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Its An Expression You Use When Something Overwhelming Happens
Matt: Damn, the A's just ate shit hella bad
Kasey: Oh Boyzers
by KaSeY FiiOnA September 01, 2008
Its Another Word For Back
Kasey: Eff! My El Back-o Hurts Heck Of Bad
You: um, why?
Kasey: Because My Boobs Are So Big.Duh
by KaSeY FiiOnA September 01, 2008
Its A Recipe
Kasey: Oh Gerberness
Everyone Else: what the fuck is gerberness?
Kasey: Eff.Its A Recipe
Everyone Else: a recipe for what?
Kasey: Um.A Recipe For Success.Duh
by KaSeY FiiOnA September 01, 2008
What I Am And What Your Not
Kasey: Hi Im Kasey And Im Heck Of Dope
You: ok
by Kasey Fiiona September 01, 2008

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