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A place in Memorial where innocent girls can go shopping, and unsuspectingly get hit on by sick perverted guys who have no lives. They also go to some damn ghetto schools.
sick guy: hey wanna go to Memorial city mall and hit on some hot girls?

sick guy 2: fuck yahh the girls there go to private schools and are damn hot.

sick guy 1: hey yall are pretty, wanna come hug my friends? maybe walk around with us? wanna fuck?

girl: um. no. I HAVE STANDARDS

sick guy 1: damn. rejection turns me on.
by Karmas UH byotch January 16, 2010
He gets to you. He's dark and dangerous, and exciting and mysterious. He arrives on a cloud of scandal. And everywhere he goes, he stirrs up sex and trouble.

gotta love him.
Joanna: Did you hear about the guy who just bought the mansion?

Roxy: Ya, I heard his name is Darryl Van Horne. Hes hot and rich.

Kat: Perfect.
by Karmas UH byotch January 17, 2010

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