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Abbriviation of the word 'Christchurch', a city located in South Island of New Zealand.
Often used in written form.
'Hey Frank, where are you from?'

'Chch, NZ' (Christchurch, New Zealand)
#christchurch #new zealand #ch-ch #south island #nz
by Karl Leung November 29, 2005
1. A World War Two era anti-tank weapon used by the German army.

2. A weapon featured in numerous FPS games such as 'Call of Duty' and the Wolfenstein series of games.
This weapon is often frowned upon in these games because of the high damage it causes upon players and the huge damage radius it has.
Because of the fact that this weapon does not have to directly hit the player to cause the player to die and because it can be fired from distance, players that use this weapon are often called 'noob' and the weapon is often nicknamed the 'Noob Tube', 'Noob Cannon', 'Pussyfaust' and variants of these names.
If used properly however, this weapon has a significant effect in the battle and DOES require skill, especially in aquiring multiple kills in one shot.
noobs or newbies more than often 'vaporize' themselves or if the server allows friendly fire, others, with this weapon in the Wolfenstein series of games.
Example below:
I got teamkilled by that noob using the panzerfaust! OMG!
I got 17 kills with my panzerfaust affter only firing 11 times! lol!
#noob tube #noob cannon #pussyfaust #panzer #panza
by Karl Leung November 28, 2005
Name of a supermarket chain mainly based in the South Island of New Zealand but also has some outlets in the North Island of New Zealand.
At Pak N Save, we buy more, so you save more.
#supermarket #pak n save #south island #new zealand #pak n slave
by Karl Leung November 29, 2005
A nickname for the supermarket chain Pak n Save.
The name orginated from workers in this supermarket chain and is usually spoken in a negative context.
Random Guy: 'Hey Tom, where do you work?'
Tom: 'Pak n Save'
Random Guy: 'Haha, you work at Pak n Slave!'
Tom 'Shut up! I don't see you having a job!'
Random Guy: 'oh, I got shot down. Dam.'
#pak n save #supermarket #new zealand #south island #chain
by Karl Leung November 29, 2005
1. A German World War Two era tank
2. German word meaning armour , cuirass, mail, shell, tank and whippet.
3. Abbreviation of the word panzerfaust. Often used in chat in FPS games that include this anti-tank weapon in their games e.g. Call of Duty, the 'Wolfenstein' series.
See example below:
I hate that panzer. That's like the only I die, through them.

Stupid panzer!!! :@
#panza #panzerfaust #pussyfaust #wolfenstein #call of duty
by Karl Leung November 28, 2005
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