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A stoned Arab, or the sound made by a person impersonating a stoned Arab. This term was first coined in London, 1999, by cult schizophrenic comedian Paul Antony Jolley.
"Ishkebeh de la botte and back" (meaning my whole body in wasted like a stoned Arab's).
by Karisade May 24, 2007
A spasticated utterance, rendered by someone who is imitating/ parodying a human vegetable or retard.
"Duhhhhhhhhh! Hebbe!"
"You're such a 'hebbe', Paul"
"Whateva, Treva! Hebb-ah!"
by Karisade May 24, 2007
Sexual relief.
The origins of this term are rooted in a 90's British TV advert for Rowntrees fruit pastilles. Herein, a crazed Scotsman in a kilt eats said sweets before being galvanised into a frenzied dance, during which he exclaims: "Set the juice loose aboot this hoose!" The vulgar double-entendre implied through this exclamation is what gave rise to the more recent definition of "hoose", around the turn of the millenium.
"I need a bit of the old hoose"
"This is a bit hoosological"
"Hoose! Hoose! HOOSE!!!"
by Karisade May 24, 2007
A pair of batty boys, or homosexuals.
*Julian Clary and Boy George enter a pub together*
John: Look! Zweigsbattos!

Peter: I saw you and Mark behind the bike sheds, Reggie. You're zweigsbattos!
by Karisade February 16, 2008
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