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When used in a sarcastic manner is a response to something in a negative way + a verbal shrug.
A: Looks like the design you wanted only comes in orange.
B: Oh, lovely......

A: We'll have to cancel next weeks plans.
B: That's just lovely.
by Kareyu January 05, 2005
Used to exaggerate a word in a silly manner.
It is cold as all hell outside.

That picture is as ugly as all hell.
by Kareyu January 05, 2005
Used in a extra episode of .hack//SIGN that could only be viewed in the vol. 6 limited edition dvd.

Balmung says this to describe the celebration at the end of the episode.
This shindig is the bomb diggity.
by Kareyu January 05, 2005
A smiley with fangs. Used to represent a vampire or dark being. Usually in a happy manner or one that has just "fed".
I accidently cut my finger, I sucked on it till the pain was gone. ^VV^

So I kicked his ass for it, that felt so good. ^VV^
by Kareyu January 05, 2005

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