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Also spelled 'Koreaophile' but harder to pronounce.

Similar to Japanophile, it's a person who is extremely obsessed with Korea including but not limited to people, music, culture, ect. The obsession has less to do with political views and things of that nature, and more to do with pop culture.
DBSK is so hot! I feel like such a freaking Koreophile!
by Kanna-chan September 29, 2008
A cheap vacation of exploring Google Maps. See all the sites from the comfort of your home!
I took a cheap man's vacation to Mexico with Google Maps. I ordered some Taco Bell to make it more authentic.
by Kanna-Chan June 24, 2015
Someone who has been on a diet for only a couple of days but already craves fattening foods like a zombie craves brains. Usually attacks the fridge in a zombie-like manner.
I'm already becoming a diet zombie. BRRROOOOWWWWNNNNIIIIEEEEESSSSS!
by Kanna-Chan May 29, 2015
When you make a controversial comment and start getting attacked on all sides by people who are offended by said comment.
Me: All I said was that I don't believe the Confederate flag is considered racist and the resulting flame war was like a piranha attack!
by Kanna-Chan May 06, 2015
Someone who knows only how to fling insults and vulgar language in an argument (much like a monkey flings poop) rather than give their opinion in an intelligent, rational manner.
Girl One: I gave my opinion in a forum about abortion and immediately got called a Nazi and a bitch

Girl Two: What a bunch of poop-flingers!
by Kanna-Chan October 14, 2014
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