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27 definitions by Kane

An inter-racial relationship, namely between a white person and a black person.
John has jungle fever, can get enough of that black pussy.
by kane April 27, 2003
1730 833
It's an abbreviation for "Mother Fucker".
Guy - I fucked your mom.
Dude - You sick Mo-Fo!
by kane April 27, 2003
562 113
Having strong, forcefull sex with a member of the opposite sex whom you absolute despise.
Man she's so hot but she is such a bitch, I'd want to have hate-sex with her.
by Kane October 07, 2004
430 61
hebrew for son of a bitch.
Aben zona aze achal li et apita.
by kane April 27, 2003
159 28
A state of mind in which people believe that they are unstoppable and can do anything they want--and they do.
Allen Iverson was on fire, he was making every single shot he took.
by kane April 27, 2003
103 30
possibly the greatest movie of all time
that Only cool people like

the world has changed because you are made of ivory and gold , the curves of your lips rewrite history
artistic beautiful movie with a great soundtrack
by kane February 23, 2005
81 23
Some one who is scared or doesn't like people who talk about or download porn, these people often say that it is sick and unhealthy, and that normal people like us are addicted.
chris is a Porn-a-phobic, he hates it when i talk about porn ,and how much i download
by Kane September 25, 2003
70 23