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3 definitions by Kanadarius

A subgenre of heavy metal, which is generally described as very slow and very heavy; it is really a progression and exaggeration of stoner rock. Although very (sometimes mind numbingly) slow, doom metal can be more upbeat. No matter what kind of doom, the genre owes a lot to Black Sabbath, whose early records were very doom.

Doom can also be mixed with other types of music - some bands add a gothic flavour, some a more stoner rock groove, some, such as Forest of Shadows, mix it with black metal.
Traditional doom - Black Sabbath, Candlemass.

More upbeat doom - Cathedral, Solitude Aeturnus.
by Kanadarius March 14, 2004
A character from the film Akira.
Kaneda is that guy from Akira.
by Kanadarius March 14, 2004
1 - a word associated with Jhonen Vasquez; he uses it a lot in his creations, such as Invader ZIM and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (JTHM).

2 - a subgenre of heavy metal. See Doom Metal.
Invader ZIM: Dooooooooom!

Dude, Black Sabbath started doom.
by Kanadarius March 14, 2004