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pussy so awesome it cannot be defined
edens pussy,, huh
#vaccum #pussy #that #suck #your #dick #like #a #mouth #garden #of #eden
by Kam.the.kool.aid.man April 26, 2011
Hickster= an individual who embraces a subculture/s who demographically does not really understand or comprehend the subcultures history, purpose or retrospect due to envirormental upbringing and/or lack of information and arrogance. Mostly defined by suburban youths and young adults that move to urban meccas to fulfill a lifstyle that is attractive to them, but of of reach until they find a way to penatrate communities of sub genres within certain subcultures to fit in or represent something they know nothing about.
Punk Rock: In larger cities this community was self defined by its ability to find unity in poliltical turmoil. Cities and goverments that acted against it's citizens and youth by creating a" police state" enviromentally to maintain social control. Places like London, New York, San Fransisco/Berkley, Chicago and others had these problems and sparked this subculture to flourish by taking a stand and using music, rioting and free speech as a form of politaical activism.
THE HICKSTER NUTSHELL= If your not willing to run at 30 cops in riot gear waving an empty forty and be shot in the face with a can of tear gas for something you believe in and sit in court facing 20+ counts of rioting then don't call yourself PUNK ROCK, It's embarrassing to those of us that have!
Electronica/Goth/Industrial/Fetish Community: Embracing dark society,probally the most attractive and glamorous subculture has recently lost most of it's spark in most cities. I have only met a few real rivetheds in the midwest and as far as the fetish community goes, most of the people are mostly pretending to represent this community to fill some void that is attractive to them but when it comes down to it , they are mostly pussies living a lie behind the abbreviation BDSM
THE HICKSTER NUTSHELL= Don't tell someone your a dom if don't know how or have never been subbied first, and you wannabe subbies, if your not opened minded , DON"T BOTHER!
#redneck #hipster #poser #urban mecca #hick #punk rock #goth #industrial #metal head #fetish #subculture #counterculture #culture #tattoos #sex #dj #coffee shop #acceptance #friends
by Kam.the.kool.aid.man February 27, 2011
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