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The act of avoiding roadkill by steering so that your wheels go on either side of the dead animal, which passes harmlessly under your car.
I was driving the back roads the other day, and came across a dead skunk in the road. I didn't want it's stink or road smush on my tires, so I did a rural field goal.
by Kalisiin September 22, 2012
What your black dog looks like after coming in from a snowstorm.
I let my dog inside, because it was snowing, and laughed when I realized she looked like a reverse Dalmation.
by Kalisiin March 23, 2011
When you are playing an online game or watching a video online, and suddenly the action gets herky-jerky instead of smooth, because the server on the other end has slowed down for some reason.
1. I was playing a game, had a damn good game going, and then encountered a server fart which caused me to crash and die.

2. I just encountered a server fart while watching my favorite video...how dare all those other users out there create server traffuck when I want to watch?
by Kalisiin February 09, 2011
When you are mowing your grass on a riding lawn mower, and you have to mow under a low-hanging tree...so you lean way back in your seat and "limbo" the tree branches.
I was mowing the grass yesterday, and had to do the lawn tractor limbo going under the apple trees.
by Kalisiin June 18, 2014
A Blanket Bless You is given to a person who is constantly sneezing - and covers the entire day, so that you don't have to keep saying "bless you" every twenty-seven seconds.
My mom suffers from seasonal allergies, and, yesterday, she was sneezing so much I finally issued a Blanket Bless You.
by Kalisiin April 25, 2014
When a major part on your car goes kablooey.

Not used for minor stuff, like a belt or hose, but major stuff, like an engine or transmission.
John: Hey, Ben, are you taking Julie to the drive-in on Friday?

Ben: No, man, my car had a part attack.
by Kalisiin February 18, 2013
Usually done by females, the hover mode is the position assumed when not wanting to place your pristine ass cheeks on a nasty, germy, disgusting toilet seat (i.e. any porta-potty, or the toilets in Grand Central Station)

This position is maintained the entire time business is being taken care of and often results in making a further mess of said toilet seat, causing future users of said toilet to also utilize Hover Mode, compounding the problem.
Jill would nearly throw up at the idea of using a porta-potty, but, last week, at the County Fair, she absolutely could not hold it, and so had to go into Hover Mode and use the porta-potty
by Kalisiin April 12, 2014

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