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1. When someone says or does soemthing to destroy the current flow of rich interaction.

2. When someone does something or wears something that is too sensational to describe.
1. Someone tries to do "the macarena" at a hot dance.

2. "Ey yo, you killed it when you stole that nigga's toaster."
by Kakeson March 31, 2005
A term used to let someone else know that they have achieved superiority, especially in a battle of insults.
Hugo: Yo, get your fat ass outta here Kake.

Kakeson: Wait, ain't your real name Peter and your black.

Crowd: Ooooh...he won(Kakeson).
by Kakeson March 31, 2005
Trying to be an adult and giving speeches about serious things when you are still in high school and no one truly cares. The preacher also tends to spoil others' conversations by adding his/her own sermon.
Kakeson: Mike said he would never fight anyone maan.
J.Rich: I know man, I wish I could be like that.
David: Well... there comes a time when you have to give that stuff up and...(The other two leave)
by Kakeson March 31, 2005

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