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2 definitions by Kakashi1432

One of the 2 fall out boy band members nobody knows.

He is the drummer.

The other guy nobody knows is Joe Trohman
Person:So whos in fall out boy?
Person 2: Patrick Stump,Pete Wenzand...2 other people
Person 3: Your forgetting Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman
The other 2:who?
Person 3: The drummer and backup vocalist

by Kakashi1432 March 02, 2009
32 14
The name idiots get confused with HEATH Ledger
Person 1:Hey Keath ledger was great as the joker
Person2:You dumbass douchebag didnt you read the credits? Its HEATH Ledger
by Kakashi1432 August 05, 2008
11 7