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The "Dirty Quincy" is the act of, during intercourse, the lady's pet dog (usually a pug) sneaks onto the bed, crawls between the four splayed legs of the humans, and licks the starfish on the male member. This is usually accomplished in the missionary position, but has been know to occur in many other positions as well.
I felt on the verge of an explosive climax, when POW! I got "Dirty Quincy'd" by an all-black pug! Instant flaccidity!
by Kaiser Soce June 06, 2011
The warm glow you feel, rendering you relaxed and unwilling to move after a particularly intense masturbation session.
Wow, that was great! I was afterbating for 10 minutes before I heard my roommates key in the door and I had to scramble to obfuscate what I'd been doing
by Kaiser Soce May 23, 2014
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