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The inability to differentiate between inverse Tetris pieces (such as "Z" and "S" pieces) due to increased gravity and/or poor reflexes caused by sleep deprivation (from playing too much Tetris) or lack of skill (from not playing enough Tetris).
I almost beat my high score last night, but the tetrislexia got to me. I confused the "L" pieces and totally screwed myself!
by Kahlil Robinson December 03, 2006
Red-shelled koopas, as seen in Super Mario Bros., who are safety-conscious, and won't walk of ledges.
"Watch out for that koopa, up on that ledge!"
"It's okay, Alex. Safety koopas don't jump off ledges."
by Kahlil Robinson May 24, 2007
Melody's cute way of saying "later" because she's wonderful. Used as an adverb.
I want a taco. We can do homework laterhosen!
by Kahlil Robinson April 23, 2008

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