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a game for people like nick who have small penises and as a result, has never kissed a girl.
"Yo guys lets rent Tomb Raider you can see her tits jiggle!!"
"Nick your a fukkin homo and will never get a gurl, PS gordons fucking your sister, steph."
#stef sucking penis #riding the bull #lumberjack #houdini #cherry cheesecake #white dragon #turkish snowcone #cinncinati bowtie #rusty trombone
by Kahlil June 24, 2006
A slang like term introduced to the world by a rap artist named Jay Jenkins widley known as, "Youmg Jeezy".

Ne other fukker that thinks that they noe wat they are talking about is fukkin worng.

Fuck you guys!!!
"I got a dirty mouth, but my kitchen's clean, CHYEA!!!!!"
#yea #wat #chyea #crunk #lets get it
by Kahlil June 24, 2006
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