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Different to any other hangover in the way that it may only be obtained from a vigorous drinking bout at Sheffield Corporation. It is a hangover more vile, abhorrent and odious than any you have ever experienced and it is said to feel akin to having you're insides slowly fed into a belt sander. You will likely have to endure a Corpover for the best part of a day, due to the acidic quad vodkas you imbibed the previous night although you should have known better when you realised that they tasted like modelling glue and swarfega blended together with the bladder of a small household pet, perhaps a Guineau pig.
Man1: Eurgh, I feel dreadful... What the shit-balls was I drinking last night?!

Man2: Ahhh you must have a righteous Corpover, you were destroying the quad vods! Do you not remember taking home that hooker and a bag full of courgettes?
by Kackballs December 07, 2010

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