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2 definitions by Kaboosher

happy as a goldfish in the sea, ahh those immortal words, bring a tear to the old eye.....well well well, i beg to disagreee, i do admit to uttering those words when i was hmmm under the influence. But nothing at all can compare to jan flashing at an eleven year old and kissing her little brothers terrrfieed friends. I rest my case. Plus theses words made a lot of sense at the time, and think about it, how happy would a goldfish be, surrounded by all that water, like a kid in a candy shop!!
''euan, look at my pants!!!Do u like my pants, heee heeee hooo hooo, jan cant stop rockiiiiin!''
by Kaboosher March 09, 2005
slang word reffering to sex, which must be used in physics lessons when you are surrounded by pre-pubescent little boys to decribe to your girly buddies what happened last night, with you and your gorgoes bloke. Kascrew, Kaboom and Kabamm also work well
''Hey did you do the big kaboosh last night?'' ''I sure as hell did''
by Kaboosher March 06, 2005