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4 definitions by Kaatisu

like a part-timer or a full-timer, but one major difference, a free-timer has no job. they have a lot of free time, so they are therefore a free-timer.
kaatisu: so, what do you do during the week?

girl in club: oh, im a free-timer.
by Kaatisu January 21, 2007
1822 458
short for "random punters". when working in some area of customer service, like a shop, a customer is a random, so when you see many, then they are randoms.
worker A: oh dude, we better look busy, i spy some randoms.

worker B: maannn......that sucks, i wish they would just fuck off, i bloody hate randoms, what the hell are they doing shopping at 8am on sunday morning!?
by Kaatisu January 21, 2007
2 9
quite simply, a white dude with dreads. similar to jafaken or wigger.
Curt, your dreads are well long now, stop being such a rastafaken!
by Kaatisu January 21, 2007
4 12
short for "produce department"......usually only used among workers on a produce department.
(in the staff room)
So, dude, been busy on proddy this morning??
by Kaatisu January 21, 2007
5 31