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1) The act of shoving ones cock in the mouth of the victim causing her/him to suffocate until they die and are no longer living

2) A grind band that is good and you should listen to
If that fucking cunt doesnt shut up...im going to cock slap her then penily suffocate her to death until she dies.
by Kaaos January 11, 2005
1) Derived from the band "Rambo" komt aus Philly, it is the state of "Circle Pitting at Extreme sometimes Violent Speeds and Thrashing ones Arms Up and Down while screaming and maybe pueking the words of the song" The best song to "moshtrocitize" to is well, "Moshtrocity" or "Wall of Death the System"
Fuck! There was a MOSHTOCITY at the Rambo concert, i was moshtrocitizing till i BLED!!
by Kaaos January 11, 2005
1) The act of taking ones penis and "slapping" it across the victims face. If done correctly, a cock imprint will be left on the face of the woman (I Hope) or man (Fucking Fags)

also: cock slappestry
Dude! I totally cock slapped that whore in the face after I burned here thighs with a crack pipe!
by Kaaos January 11, 2005

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