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Any Annoyingly loud and persistent person. Generally used to describe a person who calls you on the phone continually and obnoxsiously. See; Rabbit.
Bob: Holy the chabbit is starting to turn on the wind!
Holly: The wind?
Bob: Yeah here comes the tornado pitch!
by KYWaterfall November 20, 2007
Pixel Hot·ter, Pixel Hot·test, adverb, verb Pixel Hot·ted, Pixel Hot·ting, noun When a profile pic online has been modified either through camera work or photoshop to make the subject appear more attractive.
Craig: "Dude, I totally went out with this girl I was IM'n only based on her profile pic. Turns out she was only pixel hot! We meet up and shes a total Hippo! A major double paper bagger - a paper bag for her head and one for mine in case hers falls off! She must have Pixel Hotted herself up with one of those up high boob and face portraits"

Me: "Dude!..... Anyway I was just photshoping myself to make me look pixel hotter, can u scope this out and tell me if it looks real? Im emailing it now.."

Craig: "Yeah nice work, wicked 12 pack!"
by KYWaterfall August 20, 2008

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