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Warm and inviting, has a sick treehouse and trampoline if I do say so myself. KT™ is a part of it, as well as Ally Rabe. And Joey the Doggy. (Look them up on here). Located on the North Pole 2 miles away from Santa's Reindeer Shelter. (For the homeless reindeer) Again, look it up on here. A few kilometers away from the Sleigh Loading Ramp. You're welcome anytime. Lots of christmas cookies and hot chocolate availiable straight from Santa's kitchen.
I love this place, its so comforting and nice; Just like The Rabe Household!
#ally rabe #asia(china #zimbobway #japan) #and anna
by KT™ Follower March 29, 2010
A yellow labrador usually, cutest dog you'll ever find. Has a blue collar most of the time, and loves to swim. He is sometimes insecure about himself, so make sure to give him a lot of treats if you see him. Slightly plump. <---But adorable (:

(very weird -KT™)
Awww that's such a cute dog! He looks like Joey the Doggy!
#joey #ally rabe #kt™ #anna #and other dogs.
by KT™ Follower March 29, 2010
A warm, cheery shelter for homeless reindeer in need. Served 3.1415926535 reindeer and counting! Located in convenient places near you! Go to your local reindeer shelter today and adopt a loving pet you've always wanted. Call 772-257-4661 today and adopt a reindeer for a low price of 34¢. Pick up the phone today!
Stanley-I really want a shiny new reindeer. *frown* :(

KT™- Well, if you go to Santa's Reindeer Shelter, you can get one ! It won't be new, or shiny, but it needs a loving home. (: *smiles*

Stanley- YAY :D *smiles a lot*
#kt™ #ally rabe #katie bussing #joey the doggy #the rabe household.
by KT™ Follower March 29, 2010
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