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1 definition by KOphysics

Any ring that a woman wears on her INDEX finger to show that she is on her menstual cycle (period). Girls should wear a ring on their finger during this time of month to show you to back off at a party or such. This will stop any sexual awkwardness from happening if you were to attempt to hit on the woman.
John: Dude that girl is pretty fine over there. I think I'm going to go talk to her.'

Joe: Okay but don't go too far, she's wearing the ring.

John: Oh man, she's married.

Joe: Not that ring, dude, THE ring.

John: Oh crap you're right, man, thanks for backing me up there, i wouldnt want to get owned like Mike.

Joe: Your welcome bro, keep it real
by KOphysics February 22, 2010