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something that should be done in a realtionship at some point....This is where the woman wraps her mouth around the mans penis and sucks on it but if you really want to please him "deepthroat" Him move his penis all the way into your mouth all the way the back it may cause you to gag or to start tearing up but the guy will do ANYTHING you want him to after that and when you do this go until he reachs oragasim and lets the semen (cum) out and if you really want him to do anything swallow it
My gf gave me a blowjob last night and i cant stop thinking about it
by kml April 11, 2007
Home is a slang word for "sex".... This is something that should be taken very seriously understand people if you are 18 and under it is illegal and you have an extreme risk of getting pregant even if you use condoms or birth control pills yes use birth control helps ALOT but you still have small chance of getting her or getting yourself pregnat...... Now I've done something for every base this is what you get to after 1st 2nd and 3rd and now once you get here this is something very sensual or sexual whatever now sex...... Sex is what most people do cause they think it would be fun or if they want to have a child.... Now sex is something you can't do very well with clothes on and should be done on a bed or a floor not an elevator or a car or the middle of walmart (Trust me all these have happened) Now what your suppose to do is the guy will be on top and should have an erection (And if he doesnt im sorry but you don't turn him on ;) ) and he will move his penis into your vagina constantly until he let''s the semen out (cums) He put's his penis in your vagina and if your still a virgin (Meaning the woman) This will hurt at first cause the vaginal hole will have to expand to the size of the mans penis so it will the first time it may be pleasureable but please this is something to do when your married more in likly but i'm not going to stop you if you want to do when your younger but sex is extremely serious and I don't want people to get hurt cause having sex at a young age and getting pregnat is very serious and people have died from giving birth to a child and so please Be carefull when you have sex but than again have fun if you want more descriptive on this look and 2nd and 3rd my email is there ..... thank you...... AND BE CAREFULL PPPLLEEAASSEE
I went to home with my gf/bf last night.
by kml April 11, 2007
wait and see what happens
What are you doing today?
I dunno. I'm going to play it by year.
by KML July 03, 2006
Ah yes 3rd base very pleasureable...... As you have gotten thru 1st and 2nd than thing's really start to get passionite (But I am warning everybody do NOT do this unless you are going to stay with this person this is something people should wait to do and you should love this person like really love them please just don't do anything stupid) Anyway's..... For the guy's..... Now guy's this take's practice you won't get it right the first time but this is all very exciteing, Now 3rd base is what they also call oral now this is called fingering and this is where the guy will bring his hand down to the womans vagina and start to put his finger of choice (Middle or pointer finger works best) And start's to put his finger in her vagina kinda like sex but your useing your finger just keep moving it back and forth..... Now this is what's called "eating out" This is where the guy goes down the woman's vagina (Like his head) And start's to lick her vagina just constant (I have a great tip on how to please her it's probably the best way to eat out a woman Email me at ChickMagnet_CAN@hotmail for the tip) Now for the woman you will get on your knees while he stands or maybe he lays down and you do the same just as long as your mouth in reach of the penis now the "Blowjob" You will lock you mouth around the mans penis and move in and out or up and down (Depends what position your in) and you repeat this until the guy lets out the semen (Cums) in to your mouth and he is pleased and after this tho you can either swallow or spit (But most men like it when you swallow) Ok Now this is the "Handjob" this is where you wrap you hand around his penis and move up and down at a rapid pace (Kind of like if the guy was masturbateing but now he is lucky enough for someboyd to do it for him) and just keep going till he lets out the semen (cums) Now this is more messy it will just shoot out and it's unpredictable where it will go. I hope you all have fun (Don't do anything stupid remember)
I went to 3rd base with my gf/bf last night
by kml April 11, 2007

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